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Can we get 24x7 service?

We provide 27x7.

Can we get dedicated consultants?

We provide dedicated corporate consultants.

How about your price guarantee ?

Price guarantee is subject to airlines/supplier conditions. We will try to get the maximum time limit, and will be advised at the time of price quote, will try to avoid any price hike, instead will look for reductions.

What’s the amendment ?cancellation policy ?

This is subject to the supplier conditions, exact charges incurred will be advised prior to the booking,Cancellation charges varies with suppliers, will be informed at the time of booking.

Can we get exclusive price deals?

Yes, we can exclusive corporate deals.

Can we get multiple options for our requests ?

Will definitely provide multiple options.

What’s is the turn aroundtime ?


Do you work closely with airlines to get exclusive corporate deals for us?

Depending on the travel sectors/ class of travel/airlines used, we will get the best negotiated corporate deals.

Do you assist in land arrangements?

We provide assistance in the processing of Visas to all countries.

Is physical presence of applicant required for visa submission?

Yes, some countries require personal interview & biometrics collection.

Do you have facility to collect and deliver the docs?

Yes, we work closely with reputed courier companies.

How about assistance in overseas destinations?

We have trade partner offices in all major destinations for quick follow ups and assistance.