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Top 10 Hotels in Manali

05 Apr 2021

Manali is one of the most prominent tourist vacation destinations in India. It is the reason there are several luxurious hotels for tourist stay. However, most backpackers look for the best hotels in Manali. This amazing town of Himachal Manali is capped in beautiful valleys, mountains, Deodars and Oak trees forests, Beas River, and astonishing nature. Every year a huge number of travelers come to Manali for a vacation.

When it comes to travel, comfortable accommodation is very crucial to relish holidays. Many tourists make this mistake; they don’t put enough effort into searching for the right accommodation for stay. Later, they don’t get enjoyable holidays as they desire while planning. For a great vacation, a pleasant shelter is necessary. Therefore, in this blog, we will be sharing the names of the top 10 hotels in Manali that will ease your legwork of hotel search in Manali. Let’s begin!

Top 10 hotels in Manali 2021

There are many hotels in Manali but here we share the best 10 hotels list for you. Must check;

#1 Vistara Hotels

#2 Mary’s Cottage

#3 Honeymoon Inn Manali

#4 Johnson Lodge & Spa Manali

#5 Hotel Mount Edge

#6 Himalayan Paradise Manali

#7 Snow Valley Resorts Manali

#8 Rohtang Heights Resorts and Spa

#9 Banon Resorts Manali

#10 Golden Tulip Manali

Check more hotels in Manali with prices and discounts here.

Forte of Best Hotels in Manali

While booking a hotel, it is very important to check the specialty of the hotel to have a perfect stay. However, several travelers don’t check the vital information about the hotel but it is extremely crucial. Whether you’re a passionate traveler or planning a vacation for the first time, you must know about the hotels. In case, if you are unaware of some essential things about Manali hotels, then, read further to explore the strength of the hotels in Manali.

#1 Necessity as per Occasion

It is the first and foremost step to realize the need according to the occasion. Still, people underestimate the value of understanding the requirement, and lately, they highly regret it because they spend a lot more money than their budget.

There are many people who went on a family trip and they don’t plan the vacation according to their needs. They either book a small or unpleasant room for family tours and later complain about inadequate planning. Though regretting the poor holiday planning is not helpful in such scenarios, still, one must acknowledge the mistake to improve things in the future.

The value of understanding the need as per the occasion is extremely necessary. If you're planning a family tour, then think of the needs of your family and then book a hotel accordingly. On the other hand, if you’re planning a solo tour especially as a girl, then look for safety as a primary concern instead of deals at a low price. Furthermore, the scenarios go on so you must think according to your needs. 

#2 Cost of Accommodation

After understanding the needs, focus on the cost as it is the second most important factor that counts highly. Even if your budget is high, then consider the cost of your accommodation. This is highly suggested that every traveler must compare the cost of the per night stay with various hotels in order to get the hotel at the right price. It happens most of the time that most tourists book the hotels without comparing the rates and later they realize they got a very expensive deal for a standard room.

Whenever planning a vacation, don’t ever forget to check and compare the price to grab the best offers even if you want the accommodation at the best hotels in Manali.

#3 Amenities Hotel Cater

One of the best ways to check or compare the price of the hotel stay is to compare amenities that a hotel is rendering in the package; it is also called inclusive service.

Most people get surprised when they compare the rates of their stay this way. Mostly the hotels that charge less don’t offer great services. On the other hand, the hotels that charge a good amount might also not provide the services as per the charges. Thus, it is very necessary to check what services you’re getting and at what amount.

#4 Transport Facilities Nearby

When you plan holidays, the transport facility near the hotel is very important so that you can explore maximum sights effortlessly. There are many hotels in Manali that charge extremely low but there is no transport service available hence, it’s going to be very tough to commute.

This is why it is highly suggested that one must do their home-work before indulging in any task else be ready to suffer rather than enjoying the holidays at such a beautiful place Manali. 

#5 Additional Benefits

Some common benefits that can be easily found at the best hotels in Manali are robes, slippers, coffee machines, TV, desks, minibars, towels, toiletries, etc. but don’t stop expecting as there is a lot more than you can find within the package. 

Many hotels also offer additional benefits like Wi-Fi, breakfast, welcome drinks on your arrival, welcome sweets such as macaroons, chocolate, a bottle of wine or champagne, flowers, pool or spa visit, etc. so ask the hotel what additional benefits or services they can offer.


No doubt, that staying at the luxurious hotels in Manali have more advantages. Hope you have found all the vital information through the blog, about the Manali hotels for a pleasant stay. Also, don't forget to book a hotel that also delivers online cab booking.

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