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Top 10 Adventure Places in India for Electrifying Vacay

18 May 2021

“Thrilling Vacation Destination Booklet”

India is renowned for its vintage heritage, scenic beauty and magnificent valleys. Tourists come to India to adore nature’s beauty and capture some dazzling memories for a lifetime. India is endowed with numerous beautiful & adventurous destinations. On the other hand, some struggle to find top adventure places. Not to worry anymore as we will share the top 10 adventure places in India for a thrilling vacation. Let’s begin!     

Adventure Places in India - North Side

Have a look at the best adventure places of North India


Bir Billing

A village situated in Himachal Pradesh which is on the west of Joginder Nagar Valley. Bir is also famous as Bir Tibetan Colony. It was founded in the early 1960s. Also, there are several Tibetan Buddhist monasteries.

In Bir, the whole sky is filled with paragliders as it is a popular adventure sport of this place. Since the beautiful hills, clear sky, and climate makes Bir the perfect spot for paragliding. Thus, Bir – Billing is called the paragliding capital of the nation.

Tourists who love paragliding, must-visit Bir – Billing as it is the best place for this adventure sport. Moreover, the overall view of Bir is amazing. Even if tourists had already been to Bir before, then there are numerous things to discover and enjoy.  



A quaint small town that is located in Uttarakhand. It is the hidden gems of this state. Auli is a beautiful Himalayan ski resort & hill station in North Indian. It’s surrounded by coniferous and oak forests. Additionally, the Nanda Devi and Nar Parvat mountains make it one of the most astonishing adventure places in India.

At the North of Auli, there is a very colorful Badrinath Temple which is a Hindu pilgrimage site. The Flowers National Park valley, alpine flora and wildlife in Auli are a must-see. Many wild animals like snow leopards and red foxes roam here and can be easily seen. Most of the tourists find it very adventurous. However, Auli or the entire town remains mostly untouched due to its elevation but the place has retained its natural beauty.

Auli is blessed with sheer winding slopes, massive mountain tops, and a clean environment. Additionally, there are amazing trekking routes for the Kuari Pass and Gorson Bugyal Valley.

Adventure Places in India - South Side

Have a look at the best adventure places in South India

Andaman Islands


In the Bay of Bengal, Andaman Islands are situated. It is a union territory of India located to the south of the country. There are around 300 islands nearby. These are popular for palm-lined, white-sand beaches, mangroves and tropical rainforests. At the Andaman Islands, coral reefs support marine life such as sharks and rays.

Many water-based activities are conducted in the Andaman Islands. For e.g. snorkeling in the crystal clear waters, discover various coral life forms when going scuba diving.



Dandeli is a beautiful town in Karnataka. It is renowned for Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. The trails and dense forests are home to many animals. For e.g. black panthers, monkeys and elephants, and several bird species.

The town offers a profusion of adventurous activities to tourists. For e.g. trekking, wildlife spotting, and photography, kayaking, and fishing, jeep safari, etc. Majorly, tourists from Goa visit here because it is quite near.

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary is located in Kerala. It covers an area of approximately 25 km. The sanctuary is about 12 km from Kothamangalam which was the first bird sanctuary in Kerala. A famous ornithologist described Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary as the richest bird habitat.

The sanctuary has ephemeral trees hence the forest is always evergreen. Tourists can spot many endemic and migratory birds. For e.g. Rufous Babbler, Malabar Grey Hornbill, Ceylon Bay Owl and Malayan Night-heron. For bird spotters, the sanctuary is a haven.

Adventure Places in India - West Side

Have a look at the best adventure places in West India

Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park

The Bandhavgarh National Park is in Madhya Pradesh. It is famous for its large royal Bengal tiger population. The population of the tigers is huge, especially in the central Tala zone. At Bandhavgarh National Park, other animals include white tigers, leopards and deer. The forest is home to many birds as well as eagles.

The park is popular for the elephant and tiger safari. Travelers find watching these animals’ adventurous. Also, this entire experience makes tourists feel marvelous.



Goa is located in the west of India where coastlines are stretching along the Arabian Sea. Basically, Goa is famous for beaches. Moreover, Goa is one of the places that is most visited by Indian as well as foreigners tourists'. also, Goa is blessed with unimagined beauty with open blue seas and clean, serene beaches.

At Goa, adventure activities like kayaking, parasailing and paragliding are some popular sports for tourists. Travelers can also go scuba diving and snorkeling in the many water bodies here.

Adventure Places in East India

Have a look at the best adventure places in East India



Sikkim is a state in Northeast India. The nearby borders are Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal. Sikkim is a part of the Himalayas. The place has a very dramatic landscape. It includes India’s highest mountain which is 8,586m - Kangchenjunga.

This fabulous place has glaciers, alpine meadows and numerous varieties of wildflowers. The beautiful steep paths lead to Buddhist monasteries. Also, there are various routes and peaks for mountaineering activities. The most famous peaks are Mount Pandim, Mount Thingchinkang, Mount Jopnu, and Kanchenjunga.



Meghalaya is also in Northeast India. This place was formed by carving out two districts. Tourists can explore massive cave structures in Meghalaya. The entire experience is very exciting and adventurous. 

Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh

In the Northeast of India, Arunachal Pradesh, a beautiful state is located. The place shares international borders with Bhutan, Myanmar, and China. Basically, Arunachal Pradesh is famous for the rivers. The ferocious river is perfect for water sports like rafting and kayaking. Rafting in the Brahmaputra River is an amazing route through the Himalayan Mountains which is a brilliant experience for tourists.

In A Nutshell

Many tourists find it difficult to choose the best adventure places. But not anymore the travelers have to struggle because we have shared all the top adventure places in India. Check them out and plan the next tour ASAP with LuxuryHost at an affordable price.

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