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Best Places in Manali to Explore!

08 Apr 2021

In the paradise of nature and astonishing mountains, Manali is situated. It is one of the best tourist vacation destinations in India. There are several best places in Manali that every tourist must visit. In case, you’re unaware of these places, then read on our blog. We will be sharing some of the top places in Manali along with the best hotels in Manali. Since a comfy accommodation is necessary for gratifying holidays. Another best thing that you can experience in Manali is adventure activities. Now, you must be excited to find out all the details of Manali for your next tour. So let’s begin!

Best Places in Manali for Tourists

Backpackers from the world visit Manali often to explore this amusing place once in a lifetime. It has never happened at any time of the year that Manali doesn’t have the crowd. Travelers often visit Manali to have a wonderful time in the lap of nature and serenity. Also, backpackers come here to discover the best places in Manali by themselves and to make some excellent memories along with them for a lifetime

At Manali, travelers can find everything like calmness, nature, beauty, mountains, forest, etc. Tourists who came from other countries never felt unwelcomed. Manali is a hub center where different people share different cultures. Tibetan culture along with Hinduism, is highly celebrated in Manali. Moreover, there are world-famous monasteries in Manali. The beauty of the Beas River makes Manali an amazing holy place. Also, Hindu fairs and festivals are happily celebrated with Tibetans.

Top 10 Best Places in Manali

Now, let’s discuss in detail below;

#1 Solang Valley

solang valley

It is one of the best places in Manali. Tourists can go to Solang Valley in summers as well as winters. However, in winters, only snow is visible, and in summers, travelers come here for adventure spots. 

Ski and snowboard activities are done from January to March. Also, the gondola is carried out. When the snow clears, then paragliding is the most popular adventure activity.

#2 Gulaba

gulaba manali

A small village located some miles away from Manali. When tourists travel to Rohtang Pass, Gulaba is easily visible. It is famous for its snow-covered valley and lush greenery along with River Beas. 

#3 Hidimba Devi Temple

hidimba devi temple manali

A very beautiful ancient temple which is dedicated to Goddess Hidimba – wife of Bhima (a Hindu epic from The Mahabharata)

The Hidimba Devi Temple was built in 1553 and has a facade of wood carvings. It is located in old Manali nearby Dhungri forest.

#4 River Beas

river beas

A beautiful and powerful River Beas flows through Manali. The view of the river in the snowy valleys and mountains is astonishing.

River Beas gives many opportunities for water adventure like zip line, river rafting in Manali

#5 Rohtang Pass

rohtang pass manali

Several tourists plan a day tour to Rohtang Pass. However, facing traffic is a common problem.

There are so many snow-sport activities, when there's snow on the ground and travelers love to enjoy the snow. Also, there is an amazing igloo-shaped temple on the top of Rohtang Pass and Beas Kund which is called one of the best places in Manali.

#6 Tibetan Monasteries

tibetan monastery manali

In Manali, there are many Tibetan temples and monasteries along with a Tibetan colony. Backpackers can visit temples and buy fabulous Tibetan handcrafted items.

#7 Jogini Falls

jogini falls

An amazing, impressive picturesque waterfall. However, travelers should visit here during the spring in order to fully enjoy the beauty of the waterfall. 

#8 Vashisht – (Hot Water Springs)

vashisht manali

It is a small village in Himachal Pradesh. It is a popular tourist spot where almost every backpacker visits when on a Manali tour. There is also an amazing hot water spring in Vashist that travelers love to explore. 

#9 Manali Nature Park

manali nature park

It is for those travelers who specially come to Manali to rejuvenate in nature. In Nature park, there are wonderful cedar trees. This beautiful park is on the border of the Beas River between Manali town and Old Manali.

#10 Mall Road Manali

mall road manali

One of the best places in Manali for shopaholics is Mall Road. It is famous as a shopping center. The travelers who visit Manali also go to Mall Road to check out and buy Woollen Clothing, Tibetan and Himalayan Handicrafts, Kinnauri and Kullu Shawls, Kullu Caps, etc.

Final Thought 

Manali is such a captivating place in India. Also, there are so many alluring places in Manali to explore on vacation to relish in the arms of nature. On average, every year a very heavy horde comes to Manali. In case, you’re also planning to come to Manali this year, then check out the list of the top 10 best places in Manali to delve into the next holidays.


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